My Holiday Wish List – A Girl Can Dream, Right?

Every year, starting in September, my kids start talking about Hannukah.  Like it is the end all, be all. They throw out their wish list from a pair of Nike socks to a laptop(so not happening). They are fully aware that the holidays is not about indulgence, but about being together, practicality, and sharing dinners, traditions, and festivities with friends and family.

It has been a very long time since I have unwrapped a gift on one of those eight nights. But, if I were to receive a gift of some sort, these are a few things I would put at the top of my list.


Need I say more?

Nesting Measuring Cups
How cute are these?

Eat Smart Kitchen Scale

Joe Malone Wild Bluebell
I was addicted to the vanilla – now this is my scent de jour!

J Crew Tissue Tee Shirts
 I bought a few of these last month and haven’t taken them off. Best T-shirt ever!

1 year Subscription to Donna Hay
 I pick this up at the newstand now and again at The Grove. Would prefer it in my mailbox!

Sprinkle Bakes Cookbook
Love Heather’s blog – and now I cannot wait for the book!

Le Creuset Braiser
Can you say Paella?

Nook E-Reader

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  • Kim

    I love you wish list and I have to say that these mesuring cups are sooooooo cute! I can’t wait to see the Sprinkle Bake cookbook!

  • Reply

    You’ll love the Vitamix. It’s so ridiculously versatile and I use it for so many things. And then it cleans itself. What could be better? I’m hoping it will train the rest of my kitchen to clean itself 🙂

    The Le Creuset braiser is fabulous and one of my most used LC pots of which I have many, all in different colors. Besides paella, it makes a great fry pan. And it was perfect for my Creamy Porcini & Cremini Mushroom Sauce w/homemade pasta.

    And of course, the scale. I’ve got an Escali Pana digital scale and I love it but if I could wind the clock back and make a better choice, it would have been the Escali Cibo Nutritional Scale. I chose Pana version because it weighs up to 11 lbs but I really need the nutritional Cibo scale to keep track of what I’m eating and what I give my diabetic husband. It would also help to be able to offer nutritiional information for my recipes. Excellent scales though.

    I have a question for you. You’d like a Nook. Would you like the cookbooks in book for or nook form? And, can you see yourself ditching cookbooks alltogether?

    Best to you 🙂

    • Susan

      I would never get rid of my cookbooks. I think I just want to read more in bed. I think being able to adjust the font size and having it “lit” would get me to finish all the books that lay on my nightstand!

  • Maria

    Great picks!

  • Reply

    The cibo goes to 6 lbs. That would have worked for me.

  • Amanda

    Great list… I totally agree!

  • Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    You definitely need an e-reader! I love my nook. 🙂

  • Marla

    So many greats on here Susan. The least expensive being the kitchen scale, which I cannot live without!

  • Adrienne

    We share 3 wish list items — the Vitamix, Le Creuset braiser and Donna Hay subscription! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be getting any of them. But yes, a girl can dream.

  • Lucy Lean

    How cute are those nesting cups? and every home should own a Vitamix – insanely good. Top of my wish is seeing you before the year is out… any chance?

    • Susan

      Yes, Yes, Yes! Let’s fit in a date – would love just you and I. However, if we have to include the kids, I will do what it takes!

  • Reply

    I might as well make a duplicate of your wishlist for mine. Love all the items!

  • Esi

    Love this list! If I could, I would get you everything on it 🙂

    • Susan

      Love you Esi, what’s on your list for Santa this year?

      • Esi

        A new camera lens if I get my bonus 🙂

  • aida mollenkamp

    This is a great list, Susan! I too have been coveting the Vitamix for a few years now!

  • Reply

    Oh my goodness yes on Donna Hay being delivered to the house! That would be awesome.

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