Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix

When the kids were young, I started making their teacher’s holiday gifts. With three boys, lots of teachers and staff, buying everyone a gift or even a gift card was simply not affordable.

This was around the same time that, after 20 years of building a fabulous furniture brand, I needed a shift. I was missing that daily dose of creativity and innovation and creating holiday baking, creating and gifting was just what I needed.

Loving to cook, bake and create, I got to work. This has been a 13+ year evolution, but it is something that I do enjoy.

This year our gifting will include lots of our favorite holiday cookies, personal and homemade note cards and this Hot Cocoa Mix.

From our home to yours – Happy Holidays!

Hot Cocoa Mix


for the mix:
3 ounces bittersweet chocolate (60% or greater)
42 g | 1 1/2 oz. | 1/2 cup unsweetened Dutch- process cocoa powder
100g | 4 oz. | 1/2 cup coconut or turbinado sugar (or white sugar)
1 oz. | 3 Tablespoons powdered milk
1/8 tsp. espresso powder
1/4 tsp. cinnamon
pinch of cayenne

to make 1 cup hot cocoa:
1 cup of milk of choice
3 tablespoons hot cocoa mix


finely chop the bittersweet chocolate finely
• in a bowl, stir all ingredients and add to chocolate
• store in an airtight container, at room temperature for 3 months

to make the cocoa
• add 1 cup of milk (of choice) to a heavy bottomed pan and warm to the touch.
• add 3 tablespoons of mixture to a mug. when milk is desired temperature, add a few tablespoons of milk to your cocoa mixture. mix completely – this will be a little pasty – almost like a roix.
• keep adding milk gradually, whisking after each addition of milk. mix until smooth and you’ve used all the milk.
• top with your favorite accessories. in our home we like homemade marshamallows!


note: if you like it a bit richer, cut back on the quantity of milk.

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